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Collagen Bed W3C

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Collagen


The W3C is a professional-grade indoor collagen bed that achieves excellent anti-aging results without compromising on comfort or experience. It successfully brings together the high quality and luxurious features of the bestselling W3 sunbed with the unique advantages of collagen-boosting red light therapy to rejuvenate the skin. 

Powerful Performance

The W3C collagen bed achieves its impressive results with the help of 28 x 100W lamps that are strategically positioned across the interior of the tube to ensure comprehensive coverage for an even effect across the body. The high number of lamps means that desired results can be enjoyed even with short exposure times of up to 20 minutes. 

Two compatible collagen-boosting bulbs are available:

  • Collagen bulb: This bulb emits a red light, rather than a UV light, to stimulate collagen production in the body. Collagen can improve the elasticity of the skin to slow down some of the most signs of aging, such as wrinkling and sagging. 
  • Collatan bulb: This highly innovative bulb combines both collagen-boosting red light with UV emissions to transform the W1C into a multifunction canopy. This bulb creates a healthy, glowing tan while protecting and rejuvenating the skin. 

A Comfortable Experience

Improving the quality and integrity of the skin has never been as comfortable or enjoyable as it is with the W3C. Featuring a curved shall-shaped design that gives you more room to relax inside the tunnel, this model is also extra large, measuring 33cm x 70cm x 185cm to comfortably accommodate a diverse range of sizes and shapes. 

Adding to the comfort of the W3C is the 4-piece integrated cooling mechanism, with fans that effortlessly draws out heat to maintain a cool, refreshing internal temperature. 

Easy to Use

Unlike some types of sunbed which can feel overly complicated to use, creating the perfect collagen-boosting session with the W3C is incredibly easy. All settings and features are selected through the built-in LCD multimedia touchscreen, which boasts a large size display to make it simple to view the options. Through this straightforward control panel, users can quickly set their desired session time to ensure great results. 

Your Bed, Your Style

A highlight of the W3C collagen bed is that it’s as beautiful as it is practical. Not only does the bed feature a chic and sophisticated curved capsule design, it’s also available in two stunning shades - black and white - to create exactly the sort of aesthetic that you’re looking for. Whether you want the crisp, clean look of the white model, or the more contemporary look of the black model, the choice is yours. Whatever option you choose, the W3C is designed to be luxurious and opulent. 

Zero Hassle

The W3C collagen bed requires very little setup or ongoing maintenance. In fact, this model arrives 100% pre-built, so there’s no need to worry about assembling it following delivery; just plug and play. And, when used as recommended, the bed should run optimally for up to 600 hours - or more - before requiring a bulb change or service visit. 

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