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M11 LED Red Light Therapy Bed



Designed exclusively for commercial use, M11 is a stand-up red light therapy Bed that brings the power of light to a whole new level, revitalising body and soul. Guests only need to step inside and relax while rejuvenation and well-being converge in a symphony of light and luxury.

A Reflective Touch of Luxury

Indulge in the reflective touch of luxury with M11's acrylic mirror floorboard. This elegant addition gives an extra touch of opulence to the spa experience, adding to what’s already a sleek, sophisticated machine that will complement any wellness establishment.

  • With a choice of captivating outer colours – White, Black, Orange, and Blue – M11 can be customised to complement your spa's unique style. Its seamless composition, the result of expert engineering with top-notch materials, ensures both durability and a touch of elegance.
  • M11’s Comfort and precision are on par with its elegance. Within its spacious dimensions of 232 x 123 x 126 cm, guests will find a sanctuary of relaxation and renewal.
  • Enhanced with an advanced air supply and a precise checking system, M11 ensures every moment of the spa experience is devoted to blissful indulgence. With an adjustable Hz and irradiance pulse system, your spa experience can be elevated to new heights of effectiveness.

 A Feast for All Senses

The M11’s red light therapy bed span an impressive 2 metres in length, enveloping the entire body in therapeutic light. As guests bask in the rejuvenating, healing light, they are embraced by a cooling breeze - the perfect combination that will make anyone wish the session never has to end. 

With its immersive entertainment options, such as the customised MP3, USB, and Bluetooth capabilities, M11 can create the perfect ambience for everyone. Through the external remote control panel and internal touch screen, guests can choose their favourite music to relax to and ensure every single moment of the session is tailored to their desires. A smartphone support will also allow guests to remain connected to the outside world during the entire experience.

Create an Oasis of Wellness

M11 is versatile and easy to integrate into the layout of any spa layout. Up to 7 units can fit comfortably into a 20-foot of space, and 15 can fit just as well in a 40-foot one. This makes M11 an excellent choice for wellness establishment of all kinds and dimensions.

Guests will be able to control each wavelength of light separately, creating unique combinations to choose the best possible treatment plan through the use of all the different wavelengths and their respective benefits. Wherever the guests’ goal - skin rejuvenation, speeding along the healing of wounds, improved skin texture or acne treatment, or even pain relief - they’re certain to reach it with M11. No work needed, no hassle: just step inside, choose the tune, and let the light do everything as they bask into the spa experience of a lifetime.

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