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M4 Plus Red Light Therapy Bed



Engineered for both home and commercial use, M4 Plus will illuminate your path to health and beauty by harnessing the power of light to renew your skin, uplift your mood, and enhance your overall well-being. Whether you seek a quick refreshment or a more in-depth treatment, the M4 caters to your individual needs - unlock its transformative potential and see the results!

Advanced Technology for Visible Results

  • 88 PCS LED strips boast a staggering 11,616 or 28,512 LEDs, depending on your preference.
  • Spanning a length of 1.83 metres, its array of lights ensures comprehensive coverage, targeting every inch of your skin
  • With a total power of 2851W, M4 delivers a potent and effective light therapy experience that delivers visible results.

Indulge in personalised rejuvenation, with session times of 15 to 20 minutes. Combining form and function, the M4 boasts a sleek design that complements any space. Choose from three contemporary colours - White, Black, or Blue - to match your interior decor and style.

Beyond aesthetics, the M4's horizontal capsule design, biotech tunnel, and extruded aluminium and steel mainframe ensure enduring quality and durability for years of reliable performance. The benefits go well beyond beauty: by stimulating collagen production, promoting cellular renewal, enhancing blood circulation and accelerating the healing of wounds, this bed will make you healthier as well as more radiant. This type of therapy is proven to help boost mood, too - and we all know how much that is needed sometimes, especially in long, cold winter months!

Comfortable and Cool Relaxation

Unwind in ultimate comfort as the M4 cradles you in its ergonomic canopy and bench. Feel the stress melt away as you recline in tranquillity, immersed in therapeutic light. The M4's four plasma cooling fans provide an optimal temperature, ensuring your sessions remain pleasant and relaxing throughout.

Enhance your experience with music thanks to M4’s MP3 and Bluetooth capabilities, and easily personalise your treatment through the intuitive touch control system. For added flexibility, the M4 offers an optional pulse system with adjustable Hz and irradiance, allowing you to explore specialised treatments that cater to your unique needs. Adjust settings effortlessly, fine-tuning each session to suit your preferences, and enjoy!

Versatile and Convenient

The M4 is engineered to adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you wish to make an addition to your wellness business or to create an oasis of well-being in your own home, its versatility shines through. With a net weight of 110 kg, it's easier to move and manoeuvre than many other LED Light therapy beds on the market, and you won’t need a huge living room to accommodate it: its compact size of 1920mm/850mm/850mm ensures a seamless fit in any space.

Whether you seek rejuvenated skin, relief from skin conditions, help with chronic pain, or a mood boost, LED light therapy offers a gentle and effective solution to all your needs - and M4 will make it easier than ever before, in short and pleasant sessions whenever you wish!

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