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Solarium F11

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Standard UV


Reach the epitome of tanning luxury with the F11! Adopting a European fashion vertical full-cabin design, this tanning bed effortlessly combines technology and fashion to create an oasis of radiant beauty. 

Seamless Design

The F11 Tanning Bed, available in white or black, boasts a simple yet elegant appearance, accentuating its status as a pinnacle of modern technology and fashion. 

  • A vertical full-cabin design enhances both power and efficiency, maximising the internal lighting space and optimising the ergonomic experience. It also minimises touch between the guests’ body and the interior, which makes it easier to clean and get ready for the next client - saving time, hassle, and money. 
  • With the ability to freely switch the lighting angle at 360°, this tanning bed ensures even and uniform skin absorption, allowing guests to bask in an all-around, flawless sun-kissed glow, no matter the weather. No blind spots, no patches of skin left untanned: F11 guarantees a uniform, perfect tan which is sure to have clients returning week after week.
  • Equipped with advanced high-power ballast, the F11 Tanning Bed ensures stable performance and a long service life - making it an excellent investment, as it won’t need replacement for a long time to come. 

Unparalleled Tanning Technology

Harnessing the world's most advanced tanning light source technology, F11 features German patented fluorescent tube tanning technology, guaranteeing an efficient and fast colouring process. The international safety standard self-tanning lamp ensures safer colouring for all skin types, making your tanning experience worry-free.

The F11 is powered by independently developed power drive technology which ensures an energy-efficient and stable output, prolonging lamp life. This advanced technology not only saves energy but also delivers a deeper bronzed perfection, for the perfect sun-kissed complexion.

The F11’s unique bottom-up rotary circulation fresh air system utilises patented technology for a refreshing tanning session. An intelligent temperature control system actively adjusts the ambient temperature, ensuring a comfortable space throughout the session. After all, guests are meant to bask into the tanning light - not to melt in it!

Safety and Privacy Redefined

The dermis is the largest organ in the body so protecting it from anything harmful is paramount to our health and wellbeing. In addition to the intelligent temperature control system, the F11 takes safety seriously with a smart early warning system. The separate structure of the base and body ensures the F11 is stable, safe, and highly practical.

Guests may feel exposed as they enter a sunbed, and this may ruin the experience in some cases - but not with F11. The seamless structure of the fuselage offers enhanced privacy protection, making every tanning journey personal and discreet - not only are guests safe, but they also feel safe! Additionally, they can indulge in sensory delight with the F11's commercial multi-dimensional stereo subwoofer.

The F11 Tanning Bed is the flagship model of high-end tanning salons and fitness centres, exuding luxury and elegance from its appearance to configuration. Perfectly suited for high-end locations, it fulfils luxurious needs, offering a faster, safer, healthier, longer-lasting, deeper, and more fascinating tanning experience.

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