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Solarium W4

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Standard UV


The W4 is a professional grade home tanning bed that’s as stylish as it is effective. Designed to last, with a durable frame made from a mix of aluminum and steel, the W4 blends a luxurious exterior with innovative interior technology for a high power impact.

Unrivalled Performance

The W4’s unbeatable tanning performance comes from its 28 (100W max.) sunbed tubes that offer optimal coverage and incredible, even distribution of light across the face and body. The high number of tanning tubes means that, depending on the lamps chosen, desired results for each skin type could be achieved in under 20 minutes.

The W4 can be customised to each individual’s own needs and skin type, with a selection of tanning lamps to choose from. Lamp options for the W4 sunbed include:

  • Standard UV: high performance tanning tubes suitable for most skin types
  • High Power plus: A super-fast tanning tube creating results in 5-7 minutes
  • Collagen: A non-tanning lamp that stimulates collagen production
  • Collatan: A revolutionary lamp offering both tanning and collagen stimulation 

The Ultimate in Comfort

With the W4, high performance tanning is coupled with the ultimate in sunbed comfort. The horizontal, shell-shaped capsule design provides more room than the average sunbed, with an extra large tanning tunnel measuring 185cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 33cm (H) to comfortably accommodate tanners of all sizes, including those over 6 feet tall!

The W4 also features an integrated air circulation system, with 4 strategically-placed cooling fans dissipating heat to create the coolest, most refreshing tanning experience.

The tanning experience offered by the W4 is made even more enjoyable thanks to the built-in multimedia control system that allows users to connect to a device via Bluetooth and play music through the sunbeds two internal speakers. The system can be controlled through the simple LCD touchscreen panel, which can also be used to adjust the total session time to ensure the desired results are achieved for each skin type.


Energy Efficient Tanning

The W4 is the ideal solution for environmentally-conscious tanners who also want to keep their long term operating costs to a minimum. The W4 features a number of ‘green’ features, including dynamic electronic ballasts, intelligent energy-saving settings, and highly efficient lighting that help to minimise the impact on the planet.

The sustainability of the W4 also helps it to last much longer than the average sunbed. On average, the W4 can be used for between 600 and 800 hours before requiring a service. The LCD panel clearly displays working hours statistics for total transparency.


Easy to Set Up

Unlike some other sunbeds on the market, the W4 comes 100% pre-assembled, which means that it’s ready to go immediately. The sunbeds closed dimensions are a compact 187cm (L) x 88cm (W) x 95cm (H), with a weight of just 130kg. This makes it easy to store, quick to move into place as needed, and simple to get using straight away. We do advise for delivery and installation on the W4. 

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