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Collagen Bed W1C

Optional Tubes: Collagen


The W1C is a budget-friendly collagen canopy that makes it easy to achieve superior anti-aging results at home. Similar in style to classic over-bed UV canopies, the W1C emits a collagen-boosting red light to help rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. 

Anti-Aging Results

The high level anti-aging and skin rejuvenation results that the W1C is capable of are all thanks to the 9 strategically placed 100W bulbs. These bulbs ensure even light distribution for optimal effect, with 4 added UV face or leg tanning bulbs. Two compatible collagen-boosting bulbs are available:

  • Collagen bulb: This bulb emits a red light, rather than a UV light, to stimulate collagen production in the body. Collagen can improve the elasticity of the skin to slow down some of the most signs of aging, such as wrinkling and sagging. 
  • Collatan bulb: This highly innovative bulb combines both collagen-boosting red light with UV emissions to transform the W1C into a multifunction canopy. This bulb creates a healthy, glowing tan while protecting and rejuvenating the skin. 

Thanks to the large quantity of well-placed bulbs, desirable results can be achieved at home in under 25 minutes with the W1C canopy. And, with the built-it digital session timer, it’s easy to keep track of session durations, removing the risk of over-exposure. 

A Space Saving Solution

If you’ve been searching for a home collagen bed that doesn’t need much space, the W1C is the ideal option. The 360 degree canopy top can be swiveled into an almost flat position, allowing it to discreetly be stored away when not in use. And when required, it can easily be moved to wherever it’s needed thanks to the integrated wheeled base, and adjusted as necessary from 85cm to 135cm in height to fit over any suitable bed. 

However, despite its compact size and easy storage, the W1C is remarkably spacious. The canopy covers a broad area of 186cm (H) x 72cm (W), making it suitable for almost everyone, regardless of size or shape. The canopy also features a revolutionary curved design, giving you space to relax and enjoy a peaceful collagen-boosting session.

Unrivalled Comfort

What makes the W1C special is that it’s just as comfortable to use as the professional commercial models you may have tried in spas and salons. 

Go Green

Collagen canopies don’t have to stand in the way of achieving your environmental goals. The W1C features dynamic electronic ballasts and advanced energy saving settings to minimise energy consumption and make it more cost efficient than ever to enjoy a collagen bed experience at home. By making full use of these energy-saving features, your W1C collagen canopy could last for 600 hours before needing a service

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