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Solarium W3

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Standard UV


The W3 sunbed is a horizontal tanning bed that’s been specially designed for home use, making it easier - and more cost effective - than ever before to get a beautiful, deep tan without having to leave the house. The sunbed arrives 100% pre-assembled so that it can be used straight away without the need for professional installation, and features a durable aluminium and steel frame that ensures the W3 sunbed always remains secure.

Exceptional Results

The W3 sunbed includes 28 (max. 100W) lamps; not much less than some commercial models. Desired results can be achieved with only moderate exposure times of up to 15 minutes to reduce session lengths and help to ensure the skin is not overexposed.

The W3 sunbed can be customised to each individual’s own needs and skin type, with a selection of optional lamps to choose from. Lamp options for the W3 sunbed include:

  • Standard UV: A high performance tanning tube that’s suitable for most skin types
  • High Power plus: A super-fast tanning tube creating results in 5-7 minutes
  • Collagen: A non-tanning lamp that stimulates collagen production
  • Collatan: A revolutionary lamp offering both tanning and collagen stimulation

Perfect for the Home

The W3 successfully walks the fine line between being compact enough for home use, and being spacious enough to provide users with a comfortable tanning experience. The closed dimensions of the W3 sunbed are 187cm (L) x 88cm (W) x 95cm (H), with an extra spacious tanning tunnel that can accommodate users up to six foot in height. The W3 feels even more spacious on the inside than it appears from the outside thanks to the innovative shell-shaped capsule design that creates a sense of space and airiness.

Additional Features

To keep users cool and comfortable during their session, the W3 sunbed comes complete with four advanced internal cooling fans throughout the tunnel that circulate cool air and prevent overheating, making tanning a more enjoyable experience.

The W3 also features a built-in multimedia system, with an easy-to-use LCD touchscreen display that enables users to quickly set session time and media volume depending on their needs. However, despite these additional features, the W3 sunbed remains lightweight at just 90kg, making it easy to maneuver into correct positions as needed.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to the dynamic electronic ballasts, long lasting efficient lighting, and low impact energy saving settings, the W3 sunbed requires very little maintenance to keep it working well and producing optimal tanning results. This model will typically operate effectively for up to 600 hours before needing attention, significantly reducing the amount of maintenance needed and helping to save users money. The sunbed clearly displays working hours statistics, making it easy to see when the W3 is due for service.

Ultimately, the W3 sunbed makes it simple to achieve salon-quality tanning results from the comfort of your own home thanks to its professional-grade design and lamps.

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