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X26 Home Standup Sunbed

Colour: Black
Optional Tubes: Standard UV


Upon launch, the X26 stand up sunbed hit the record books for being the largest upright tanning bed specially designed for home use. But there’s much more to it than just its spacious size. Made in Britain, and showcasing the best of British manufacturing, this highly durable sunbed delivers excellent all-round tanning results quickly and safely. 

Enhanced Performance

The X26 stand up sunbed is known for its enhanced performance thanks to its polished internal reflectors that reflect light from the 26 lamps to maximise the impact of the bulbs. This ensures desired results can be achieved with only minimal exposure times.

The X26 stand up sunbed can be customised to each individual’s own needs and skin type, with a selection of optional lamps to choose from. Options include:

  • Standard UV: A high performance tanning tube that’s suitable for most skin types
  • High Power plus: A super-fast tanning tube creating results in 5-7 minutes
  • Collagen: A non-tanning lamp that stimulates collagen production
  • Collatan: A revolutionary lamp offering both tanning and collagen stimulation

No matter what type of bulb you select, you’ll find that the unique design of the X26 stand up sunbed helps you achieve your skincare goals in less time than ever before. The sunbed features two 10-minute safety timers, for a maximum session of 10 minutes. 

The Benefits of Upright Design

Unlike many other sunbeds intended for home use, the X26 stand up boasts an upright, stand-up design, rather than the more traditional lie-flat style. There are multiple benefits of this, with the biggest advantage being improved light distribution and coverage. With no less than five internal panels, the X26 stand up sunbed targets all areas of the body simultaneously to produce a natural, even glow in just a single tanning session. 

A further benefit of the upright design is that it saves space. While the X26 stand up sunbed is extra spacious, measuring 1900mm (L) x 685mm (W), making it one of the largest domestic models ever made, it requires much less space than a lie-flat model. 

Money Saving Features

One of the reasons why the X26 stand up sunbed has become an instant bestseller is because it’s much more cost effective to operate than some other models. Utilising the latest low energy technologies, the X26 stand up sunbed’s energy-saving features reduce energy consumption to maximise efficiency, lower outgoings, and help all users do their part to protect the environment while still ensuring they look and feel their very best. 

Easy Set Up

While the X26 stand up sunbed is large, it doesn’t require an entire team to get it set up and ready to use. The simple one-person assembly system means that this sunbed can be installed quickly and easily in the home, without the need to book an installation service. And perhaps best of all, there’s no need to call an electrician to wire in your new sunbed; the X26 model plugs right into a standard 13 amp plug socket!

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