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Solarium W5N

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Standard UV


Step into the realm of bronze skin and sun-kissed serenity with the W5N Tanning Bed. Designed with a horizontal full-cabin layout, this tanning bed redefines comfort and relaxation. What’s more relaxing than lying in bed? Nothing, of course - and W5N’s design will make you feel as though you’re resting flat in your bed, as you enjoy a soothing tanning experience in a space designed for utmost comfort.

A Haven of Relaxation

Prepare to be dazzled by the W5N's luxurious power and efficiency! 

  • Equipped with 36 180W German brand Cosmedico Cosmosun Tanning tubes, this tanning bed radiates an opulent glow that envelops your body in warmth and radiance - just like basking in the sun, but infinitely more convenient.
  • With a total power of 6480W, your tanning session is swift, effective, and leaves you with a mesmerisingly sun-kissed skin as you unwind while basking in the gentle glow of tanning light. 
  • Its spacious dimensions provide ample space for you to unwind, making your tanning journey a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Recline and rejuvenate in a space designed for your ultimate comfort, as you enjoy a 10-12 minute tanning session in the W5N.

Customisable Elegance

The W5N Tanning Bed is available in classic White and Black or can be customised to complement your aesthetic preferences and fit the aesthetics and theme of any and all tanning salons. Elevate your tanning salon's ambiance with the tanning bed that seamlessly integrates with your style, creating an aesthetic oasis that captivates the senses.

With a commercial intelligent IoT management system and wireless app remote controller, the W5N Tanning Bed places control at your clients’ fingertips. They will be able to effortlessly adjust your tanning session to your desired specifications, ensuring a personalised experience that meets your every desire. All skins are different, so being able to offer customers a tailored experience will meet even their highest expectations - and keep them coming back!

Lighting the Way to Health

A nice, uniform tan across one’s body is the most noticeable result of regular sessions in the W5N - but they’re far from the only ones! Tanning has many physical benefits, from enhancing physical fitness and the immune system as well as relieving fatigue!

This is all very useful in winter, when natural sunlight is scarce, but there are excellent reasons to use a sunbed even in summer: by tanning in a controlled environment such as the M5N, with settings that can be customised to your specifications and skin type, you can create a protective barrier.

Most of the harmful UVB light - as well as other harmful elements of sunlight - are filtered out in the tanning lamp, leaving only the useful UVB component combined with UVA - tanning the skin without burns. When you go out in the sun afterward, your tan skin will be more resistant to sunlight - protecting you from dangerous burns, erythema, and other sunlight-related skin issues as you enjoy your summer holiday!

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