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M10 LED Red Light Therapy Bed



The M10 Red Light Therapy Bed is a cutting-edge stand-up cabin, built to offer a transformative spa experience that transcends expectations. Step into a world of rejuvenation, where the power of light revitalises your mind, body, and soul.

Tailored Elegance

M10 epitomises sleek aesthetics and tailored elegance, setting the tone for an unforgettable spa journey. Of course, looks are not all without quality - but the M10 has both in spades!

  • Choose from a range of captivating outer colours – White, Black, Orange, and Blue – to harmonise with your spa's ambiance and create a welcoming haven of luxury in your establishment.
  • The exquisite composition includes a sturdy bottom and a protective cover, ensuring both durability and sophistication. 
  • The M10 boasts a dazzling display of light with its customisable LEG light pcs spanning an impressive 2 metres in length. As the therapeutic light envelops the body, it ignites a cascade of rejuvenation and healing - leaving guests feeling and looking healthier. 

Comfort and Precision

At M10, comfort and precision are at the heart of the design. The stand-up cabin's generous dimensions, measuring 232 x 123 x 126 cm, offer ample room for relaxation and renewal. Enhanced with an advanced air supply and a precise checking system, every aspect of the spa experience is meticulously crafted to provide guests with utmost comfort and precision. Despite the ample space to accommodate guests of all sizes, M10 has a relatively compact size and a weight of 280/350kg, which makes it the perfect addition to establishments of any size. 

M10's cooling system ensures a refreshing and enjoyable spa session. While basking in the therapeutic light. While many prefer to forget their smartphone even exists during a spa session, some would rather keep it at hand, and M10 has them covered! Guests can stay connected throughout your rejuvenating journey with smart phone support, allowing guests to remain connected throughout their spa experience should they wish to.

Control at Your Fingertips

Let guests lose themselves to their favourite tunes with the customised MP3, USB, and Bluetooth capabilities, creating a harmonious ambiance for a truly perfect spa experience. With the external remote control panel and internal touch screen, guests are put in full control of their experience and can easily personalise their therapy journey.

And personalisation can go even further! M10 features an adjustable Hz and irradiance pulse system, ideal for a more personalised and effective treatment, ensuring guests receive optimal benefits from your light therapy session. With M10, each visit becomes a rejuvenating and transformative experience - whether the goal is a more youthful appearance, reducing scars and blemishes, or achieving healthier skin and joints!

Made by experts with top notch materials, with strict quality control and testing, M10 is an excellent addition to any establishment, combining power and precision to bring about the perfect rejuvenating experience that will keep clients coming for a long time to come - and leave fully satisfied every single time, looking forward to their next session.

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