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Solarium F7

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Standard UV


At first glance, the F7 looks to be a sleek vertical structure, but this minimalist design hides a wealth of unique features and superb usability. Powered by a German Cosmedico light source which comprises of 48 potent 180W lamps, the F7 healthy tanning bed combines the functionality of a traditional tanning bed with the additional benefits of UV light for an immersive well-being journey.

Suitable for use in wellness centres, spas, gyms, and dedicated tanning establishments, the F7 healthy tanning machine is more than a sunbed. Durable and robust, it can stand up to the pressures of frequent use in a commercial setting, but also assures each user of a tailored and personalised experience to put them perfectly at ease.


Technical Brilliance: More Than Meets the Eye

The F7 tanning bed uses the very latest in UV technology. Boasting a power consumption of 8.7 KW, this machine is engineered for efficiency and effectiveness. Its compact structure, standing at 1160mm x 1120mm x 2320mm, defies the conventional space-hungry reputation of tanning beds. It’s also available in white, black, red, blue, or orange so can slot seamlessly into a wide variety of interiors and settings.

Equipped with an LCD touch panel system and a remote controller, the F7 tanning bed places control firmly in the hands of the user. The touch-panel system offers an intuitive interface so each user can access their desired tanning experience. Want a quick tan? Adjust the settings. The F7 adapts to individual preferences, ensuring a personalised and comfortable session every time.

A great sunbed experience isn't just about warmth; it's about comfort, too. The F7 understands this. Its advanced cooling system ensures that users can enjoy a tanning session without some of the discomfort they may be used to. No overheating, no stuffiness – just a cool and relaxing experience that will leave each guest with a sun-kissed glow.

One of the key highlights of the F7 is its vertical structure. In wellness centres or home spas where space is a premium, the F7 stands tall, literally. It doesn't demand acres of space; it fits into the nooks and corners, making it a versatile addition to any establishment. This space-saving design ensures that well-being doesn't come at the cost of convenience.

The Health Benefits

While tanning might be the primary allure, it's crucial to appreciate the broader spectrum of benefits that the F7 brings to the table, both for physical and mental health.

Physical Wellness

UV rays are renowned for their role in vitamin D synthesis. The F7, with its calibrated UV light, provides a controlled environment for vitamin D production. This is particularly significant in regions where sunlight is a rare commodity, especially during the winter months. Vitamin D is not just about bone health; it plays a pivotal role in immune function, mood regulation, and overall vitality.

Furthermore, UV light, when administered in controlled sessions, has been associated with improvements in skin conditions. From acne to psoriasis, the F7, with its high-quality lamps, offers a potential avenue for those seeking not just a tan but an improvement in skin appearance and texture.

Mental Well-Being

The connection between sunlight exposure, or in this case UV light exposure, and mood is well-established. The F7, with its capacity to mimic the sun's radiance, can be a mood booster. Exposure to UV light prompts the release of serotonin, often referred to as the "happy hormone." This not only contributes to a sense of wellbeing but can be particularly beneficial in combating conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Moreover, the F7 session isn't just about physical benefits; it's a moment of relaxation and reprieve. In the hum of the cooling fans, surrounded by a warm glow, users find a space to unwind, to escape momentarily from the stresses of life.


The perfect vertical healthy tanning bed

For wellness centres, spas, and gyms looking to elevate their offerings, the F7 vertical tanning bed is sure to be a popular addition.  It can withstand heavy use, provides a comfortable tanning experience, leaves users feeling good and doesn’t require too much floor space to generate revenue. With an array of available colours – white, black, red, blue, and orange – establishments can choose a hue that aligns with their interior and branding.

Incorporating the F7 healthy tanning machine into any service menu offering provides another route to wellness, an additional income stream and gives clients a reason to return again and again.

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