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Solarium Rubino F10R

Colour: White
Optional Tubes: Collagen


The F10R commercial tanning bed uses a revolutionary combination of UV and red light to provide both excellent tanning results and powerful anti-aging effects that protect the skin while enhancing its natural colour. Unlike flat sunbeds, this standing sunbed requires minimal space, making it a fantastic choice for a wide range of environments and venues, including gymnasiums, tanning salons, beauty salons, and luxury hotels.

High Performance Tanning & Anti-Aging

The F10R sunbed features 52 advanced performance Cosmedico lamps as standard, blending UV light and red light to not only create a golden tan in as little as seven minutes, but also to help strengthen the integrity of the skin. The addition of the red light works to revitalise the skin during the tanning session, stimulating the metabolism to generate healthy new cells and help boost the longevity of the tanning effects.

The F10R can also be customised to each individual’s own needs and skin type, with a selection of optional lamps to choose from. Lamp options for the F10R include:

  • Collagen: A non-tanning lamp that stimulates collagen production
  • Collatan: A revolutionary lamp offering both tanning and collagen stimulation

A Luxurious Experience

The F10R has been meticulously designed to create an inviting, luxurious, and spa-like experience for users. The illuminated tanning tunnel offers relaxing mood lighting, with the option to display a soft, almost tranquilising LED light show comprising of more than 20 different colours to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere each and every time.

While the F10R sunbed is highly practical and excellent at achieving desired results, it’s also very comfortable and enjoyable to use. The spacious 206cm (H) x 83cm (W) tunnel provides a roomy experience for users, even for those over six feet tall, while the integrated cyclone cooling system makes tanning more refreshing than ever before.

Quality Entertainment

Along with performance, the entertainment features of the F10R sunbed are a true highlight. Users can connect their own smartphones or MP3 players to the built-in entertainment system using Bluetooth, listening to their own playlist or podcasts in 3D surround sound for a fully immersive experience. The entertainment system - along with all tanning variables - are controlled easily using the large size LED touch screen display.

Money Saving

For those looking for a significant return on investment, the F10R is an obvious choice. This sunbed features a number of energy saving (and, therefore, money saving) elements, including dynamic electronic ballasts, efficient lighting, and energy saving settings, making the sunbed up to 80% more energy efficient than some other models.

Boosting Your Business

One of the most advanced entertainment features of the F10R sunbed is the ability to connect a USB flash drive which can enable users to enjoy a short film during their tanning session. However, savvy marketers are making use of this innovative technology to promote their business with short ads, helping to create a loyal customer base.

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