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MaxPro 1800 Red Light Therapy Lamp



Introducing MAXPRO 1800: a cutting edge, high-performance red light therapy device designed to revolutionise your wellbeing. Bringing together power, versatility, and the mood and health boosting benefits of red light, the MAXPRO 1800 red light therapy device is a cutting-edge wellness tool that integrates seamlessly into residential and hospitality settings alike.

Embark on a healing journey with 1800 watts, where red light at 660nm and near-infrared light at 850nm ensures you experience the optimal wavelength for unlocking the many known benefits of light therapy – both above and below the skin.

Thanks to its smart design, you can tailor your light therapy treatment to your own precise needs – and update that treatment as your needs change- with a personalised colour ratio. Whether you wish to treat muscular pain, speed up wound healing, improve the appearance of acne scars or rejuvenating aging skin, our MAXPRO 1800 red light therapy device adapts to your and your clients’ unique needs every time.


Red Light Therapy Device for Home and Commercial Use

Outside of the dance floor, no one needs or wants flickering lights - let alone while trying to enjoy precious ‘you’ time! With MAXPRO 1800’s flicker-free design, you can bid farewell to interruptions and be assured of a relaxing, soothing treatment session.

Compact yet powerful, MAXPRO 1800 measures 910x410x65mm. Its unassuming size belies its potential, making it suitable for both personal and professional settings. The included adjustable pulley system allows you to seamlessly integrate red light therapy into your daily routine or menu of wellness offerings. 

With an irradiance exceeding 160+ mw/cm², MAXPRO 1800 ensures a generous dose of therapeutic light. This high irradiance contributes to the efficacy of each session, enhancing each individual treatment experience and maximising the known benefits of red light therapy every time.

It’s easy to regulate each session with a timer and LED control features.


Mood-Boosting Magic

In the heart of winter, MAXPRO 1800 becomes your personal sunshine. The mood-boosting effects of red light therapy are well-documented, and MAXPRO 1800 brings this natural elixir to your fingertips.  The benefits include:

  • Better Mood Regulation

Winter often brings a scarcity of natural sunlight, leading to a dip in serotonin levels. MAXPRO 1800 acts as portable sunshine, delivering the positive effects of brighter light exposure. The red light stimulates the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for mood regulation.

Imagine you're a professional working from home. Instead of starting your day with artificial lighting, you set up MAXPRO 1800 in your home office. A 15-minute session while checking emails provides an energising boost, helping you approach tasks with heightened focus and a positive mindset. This can also be a unique selling point for any spa, gym, or wellness space keen to set its all-round approach to wellness apart from competitors.

  • Banish the Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), commonly known as the winter blues, is characterised by a dip in mood due to reduced sunlight exposure. MAXPRO 1800 can help to combat this by replicating the sun's rejuvenating effects, helping alleviate symptoms of SAD and restoring a sense of balance.

  • Boost Energy Levels

Regular exposure to red light has been linked to increased energy levels. By enhancing mitochondrial function, red light therapy boosts cellular energy production. This revitalisation at the cellular level translates into a surge of vigour and vitality, leaving users feeling noticeably more energised and ready to tackle the day.

  • Circadian Harmony

The MAXPRO 1800 red light therapy device supports circadian rhythm alignment. Exposure to red light in the morning can help regulate the body’s internal clock, promoting a healthier sleep-wake cycle. A well-regulated circadian rhythm contributes to better sleep quality and an overall improvement in mood. 

  • Stress Reduction

Stress, a common companion in our daily lives, can wreak havoc on mental well-being. Red light therapy aids in stress reduction by triggering the release of endorphins, the body's natural mood enhancers.

Additionally, red light can help rejuvenate the skin, soothe joint paint, and promote wound healing. It’s ideal for muscle recovery, too. The red light penetrates the muscle, promoting faster recovery and reducing post-exercise fatigue. You not only feel physically rejuvenated, but also experience a surge in mood - it’s a win/win!


An Investment in Health and Wellbeing

The MAXPRO 1800 red light therapy device isn't just a device: it's an investment in wellness.

With a 5-year warranty included, along with an extensive accessory pack, it’s quick, easy, and convenient to begin feeling the benefits of red light therapy right away. Compact, powerful, and designed for convenience, this red light therapy device is a gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life.

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