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MaxPro 900 Red Light Therapy Lamp



Whether painful joints or poor sleep, aging skin or a daily struggle with aches and pains, red light therapy devices can help to alleviate a range of complaints and bestow a bounty of health and wellness benefits.

Our MAXPRO 900 red light therapy device offers a convenient and effective solution for anyone keen to harness the power of red light therapy. With its compact size and versatile design, the MAXPRO 900 is easy to set up and use when needed.

MAXPRO 900 has a 900W power output, ensuring efficient and effective red light therapy sessions. With a dual-wavelength configuration of 660nm and 850nm, it delivers targeted light therapy where needed most, offering optimal results for both skin-related complaints and deeper muscular and joint issues.

It’s possible to tailor each red light therapy treatment session to your specific needs at that time thanks to MAXPRO 900's customisable colour ratio. Whether you prefer pure red light or a combination of red and near-infrared light, MAXPRO 900 is easily configured so you can feel the full benefits of precise application.


A Red Light Therapy Device With A Compact Design

MAXPRO 900 comes with a generous 5-year warranty for complete peace of mind and assurance of its quality and durability. Measuring just 937x235x65mm and weighing only 8.7kg, MAXPRO 900 is designed for convenience. Its relatively compact size and lightweight construction make it the perfect device to have at home, as well as in professional settings such as gyms, spas, massage therapist offices, do jos and beauty salons. 

With a built-in timer, you can set your desired session duration and adjust the intensity of the LED lights for a customisable and effective treatment. Users can also be assured of enjoying a comfortable and relaxing light therapy experience with MAXPRO 900's flicker-free operation. Say goodbye to distracting flickering lights and immerse yourself in soothing and consistent illumination!


The Many Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy is an innovative approach to health and rejuvenation that harnesses the gentle embrace of red light for wellness that goes beyond skin deep. It’s a non-invasive technique, where the science of light converges with the pursuit of vitality. 

  • Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Ageing

Red light therapy stimulates collagen production so it’s ideal for those who are concerned about the visible signs of aging, but don’t want to resort to injections or go under the knife. Increased collagen restores elasticity and firmness to the skin. In turn, this reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives smoother, younger-looking, and healthier skin.

  • Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

It’s easy to target sore muscles and alleviate pain with red light therapy. Pain free, red light therapt improves blood circulation and accelerates the body's natural healing process, helping to reduce inflammation and discomfort. It’s a popular choice for those feeling the burn after intensive fitness training or competition.

  • Mood Enhancement and Stress Reduction

Experience a boost in mood and overall well-being with regular red light therapy sessions. The soothing light helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

  • Improved Sleep Quality

Red light therapy has been shown to regulate the body's internal clock and improve sleep quality. By promoting the production of melatonin, it helps to establish a healthy sleep-wake cycle for restful nights and overall better health.

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from red light therapy's ability to enhance muscle recovery and improve endurance. It reduces post-exercise fatigue and promotes faster recovery between workouts.


Integrating MAXPRO900 into Your Daily Routine

Even when life is at its busiest, there are many ways to integrate MAXPRO900 into your daily routine. Here are some examples: 

  • Morning Wake-Up Boost

Use it during your morning routine to promote wakefulness and set a positive tone for the day.

  • Post-Workout Recovery

Incorporate a session after your workout to aid muscle recovery and reduce post-exercise soreness.

  • Desk Companion

If you work from home, take a short break during the day to expose yourself to red light, promoting alertness and focus.

  • Relaxation Time

Use the device while reading a book or winding down before bedtime for its potential sleep-promoting benefits.

  • Spa-Like Experience at Home

Set up a designated relaxation corner in your home, and use your device as part of a spa-like experience, enhancing your sense of well-being.

  • Post-Shower Ritual

Enjoy the potential skin benefits while applying skincare products or simply unwinding.

  • Yoga and Meditation Session

Position the device in your yoga or meditation space to incorporate red light therapy to enhance the mind-body connection during your sessions. 

The MAXPRO 900 red light therapy device is a versatile and convenient solution for anyone looking to tap into the many rejuvenating benefits of red light therapy. Whether you're looking to improve skin health, alleviate pain, enhance mood, or boost athletic performance, MAXPRO 900 delivers reliable and effective results.

With its compact size, customisable features, and comprehensive warranty, MAXPRO 900 is the perfect companion for your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

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